First – toxins are defined as poisonous substances that are produced or put in the living cells of organisms. These toxic agents often bind to sex or thyroid hormones that can slow a body’s metabolism causing weight gain – as toxins can be stored in fat cells – and various illnesses can occur. However, thankfully, our body has the capability to naturally remove toxins when toxins enter a major organ (i.e. the kidney, liver, etcetera) where nutrients are divided by what is necessary and unnecessary then when it comes time to remove toxins from the body, the unwanted toxins exit the body through bowel action in the gall bladder or urine from the kidney. Whether it is a natural process or a process aided by detox products, it is important to remove toxins as these toxins can possibly interact with enzymes, cellular receptors, and other macromolecules; and these interactions can cause diseases or even lead to deadly results. There are different types of toxins in the world including: Environmental Toxins and Bio-Toxins. While both toxins are harmful to the body, there are effective ways to flush out these toxins from the system. Bio-toxins are generated through microorganisms while environmental toxins are man-made toxins that affect the human body. However, a person should remember that depending on their needs and own characteristics before selecting detox supplies to aid their system. There are various detox supplies on the market; however, some companies have products tailored to specific needs such as the High Voltage Detox Permanent 5 Day Flush are for those who want to permanently remove all unwanted toxins from their system. At the end of the day, one can either remove toxins from the body through a natural process or try the various methods that surround the idea of detoxification. However, if a person decides to go through with detoxifying their body then they will be able to reverse the symptoms of illness and change their life since without those unwanted toxins, their body cells are going to properly metabolize and thus have a higher energy level. 

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Why XStream Synthetic Urine?


  • Scientific Usage – XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE can be used as a urine control for testing equipment. Due to the synthetic urine being made in a lab, the urine is produced as non-toxic and clean. Use it to calibrate the testing equipment and you are able to heat XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE multiple times for use.
  • Urine Therapy – Due to it being made in the lab, XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is cleaner and toxin free in comparison to naturally emitted human urine. Some cultures participate in urine therapy as they believe that urine has medicinal properties.
  • Fetish – The laboratory-made synthetic urine is far more sanitary and safer than regular, natural urine used by those who have pee-fetishes. XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE will mimic how regular urine feels and look yet is healthier.
  • Pranks – Use XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE for pranks, novelty tricks, and jokes since it is laboratory-made with specific similarities to pee yet it is healthier and does not contain the toxins human urine does.

XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is a top quality synthetic urine brand that has been tested in lab before going to its consumers. We have generated a premium blend of creatine and pH levels with other normal human urine components and a specific gravity similar to naturally emitted urine. However, it is a clean, safe, and 100% toxin free product. XSTREAM SYNTHETIC URINE is hassle-free as it requires no mixing and is ready-to-use.  It is a male/female compatible product that is easy to use and available to you, today.

What we do for YOU

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In our world, we are faced with conditions that have tested our bodies and have accosted our bodies with unwanted toxins and substances that we cannot seem to flush out. These circumstances have led to a demand in detox supplies. While there is a plethora of product on the market, people have to understand that they should be making an informed decision on what product they would need. There are detox supplies that are masking agents – reagents that are put in the body to interfere with chemical reactions and detections of these substances – and they will not flush out the toxins from your system. Then there are different types of true detox supplies including: 16oz Detox Drink, 32oz Detox Drink, Capsules, Saliva-Cleanses, Folli-Cleanses, and even Permanent Flush Drinks; which means that each product has a different target therefore a different result. For instance, High Voltage Detox has a 16oz Detox Drink that is effective up to 7 hours, but their Double Flush Combination – which includes liquid product and capsules – is aimed towards anyone over 240lbs with high toxin levels and is effective up to 12 hours. However, a person also has to take into account the reasons they would need to detoxify. A person trying to remove toxin for medical reasons may have to go through decontamination of poison ingestion or a technique like dialysis versus a person who is trying to flush out drugs, alcohol, or food toxins (detox supplies are not to cure addiction instead to help reduce and/or relieve withdrawal symptoms). Then a person also has to keep in mind their weight, metabolism, dietary levels, amount of toxins in system, and how quickly they need to flush the unwanted toxins out. With all these factors to keep in mind, choosing the right detox product should be an informed decision and if instructions are followed then a proper body cleanse should flush out all unwanted toxins. 

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